Do You Want to Learn How To Make RC Airplanes? Have You Been Out Of The Hobby and Don’t Know How To Start Up Again? 

You Have Come To The Right Place!

Maybe You Want To Share A Hobby With Your Kids or Grand Kids and Get Them Away From Video Games. RC Airplanes Can Be That Hobby!

Hi fellow hobbyists: My name is Carl Bayer and I have been building and flying RC Airplanes for over 30 years. If it’s RC, I love it! Building RC Airplanes can become a true passion. Maybe you already know this, but it has been years since you built a RC model airplane. A lot has changed since the early days of RC Airplanes, but the joy of building them, either from kits or from scratch, hasn’t changed at all. If you want to share a life long hobby with your kids, or even your grand kids, then you have come to the right place. I love RC Airplanes and the reason I do so much is because my dad shared it with me. Now I share it with my son and daughter. We spend hours building in our basement, and even my wife gets involved. Whether you have kids and grand kids or not, Building RC Airplanes is a fun and challenging way to spend your time. If you agree with me …Then Keep Reading. Are you concerned with building a radio control airplane the right way? The Truth is… IF you don’t build your model airplane straight….You might as well forget it right now. Are you concerned with where to start? What about where to put the fuel tank? How do I Install the firewall properly Wondering whether you will be able to put those pieces together the right way? You are not alone. Building RC airplanes correctly is not something that you can easily learn to do on your own. Yes, if you build enough of them you will start to gain the necessary insight to build them correctly. BUT, What if you had a guide… something that gave you tips that could save you time and help you to build your Gas OR Electric RC plane kit correctly. Even if this is the first time you have ever built one?

Because Building Your Next RC Airplane Is All About Having Fun.

Some Background – And A Problem That’s All Too Common The Vast majority of beginner builders of balsa rc plane kits end up building an accident waiting to happen. There is just no way for a beginner to know all of the correct steps for putting together an RC Airplane. Here are just a few examples that beginners might not recognize:

  • Applying Covering with too much or too little heat. Before long your model is fuel soaked and becomes an unsafe aircraft not suitable for flying anymore.
  • The Wrong Glues. Yes, believe it or not it really is important! Make the wrong choice and your wing will come apart in the air.
  • CG (center of gravity). Learn some easy tips to finding your planes CG. Remember, when you properly balance your plane, you have just made your first flight 100’s of times easier and more successful.

Sure, you can teach yourself to avoid these mistakes with trial and error. Let me ask you a question though? Do you like wasting your hard-earned money and time?

What is your goal with getting into a hobby like how to build RC plane(s)?

Most likely you are looking to build and then fly that model, or maybe you just like creating something beautiful from a pile of parts. Whatever the reason, I can understand your interest in this hobby. But how you choose to get there is really the question here. You can easily just quit reading now and tell yourself that you can learn how to do this on your own. Or, you can take advantage of my 20 plus years of experience building radio control airplanes. Plus another 20 years combined from other experts personally teaching me industry secrets along the way. All of this totals over 40 years of experience. That’s a lot of tips and techniques, wouldn’t you agree? You can either make your own mistakes and learn from them, or you can build your first radio control airplane knowing you have my vast knowledge to help you along the way. The choice is yours. How many times do you get excited about a new hobby only to be stopped short because you did not put something together correctly? Building RC Airplanes without the prior knowledge of what you are getting into can end your enthusiasm for this hobby fast, or any hobby for that matter. Wouldn’t You Agree With This Too?

Even though I had my dad and other Professional Radio Control Airplane Builders to help me build…..I still tried to do it on my own (I can be really stubborn ) and had to learn from my mistakes too.

How many times does this happen to you? When you start building RC airplanes, the first obstacle you have to overcome is not feeling overwhelmed by all the parts and plans that are now in front of you. I will give you a Huge Tip here. Organization, this is the key to success and managing that avalanche of parts. You will be further ahead than 90% of new builders when you practice this step.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Tips And Techniques That You Will Be Taking Advantage Of When You Start Building RC Airplanes… (You don’t just have to build ARF planes anymore):

  • Learn to build RC airplanes from scratch (as though you have been doing it for years).
  • Using our tips, learn to build straight models that will fly.
  • How To Set Up A Professional Building Area. Did you know you need to have a flat and level building surface? But what should I use to build on. We show you how to set it all up correctly so that you will always be organized and not become overwhelmed and makes mistakes.
  • Easy to follow steps written for the beginner. You won’t become frustrated trying to understand that vaguely written instruction manual.
  • Learn SIMPLE TECHNIQUES FOR INSTALLING HINGES EASILY. You really only get one chance to glue hinges in place, so why not make it easy and use this technique.
  • Terminology defined . We make it easier to reference and understand the terminology of radio control airplanes which will speed up your ability to build.
  • Learn the building techniques equaling over 20 years of experience. No trial and error or time lost from attempting it yourself.
  • No having to buy another model and equipment because you forgot a critical step (which means you crashed the plane).
  • What supplies did I need? Don’t waste time with useless tools that will only frustrate you. Buy right the first time and save money buying the only tools you will ever need.
  • Glues, so many types. How do I know what to get. With so many choices, we help you narrow it down to the only ones you will ever need.
  • We promise. No needless confusion or worries. We will help you weed out what you don’t need.
  • And Countless other building tips, too many to list here!

We have made every beginner mistake, and now you can avoid making the same mistakes… …So why do you need to know correct building techniques, or proper placement of radios, servos or fuel tanks? How about proper transmitter usage, or adding the finishing touches for your finished model plane?

Why do you need to know EVERY SINGLE ONE of these? …One Simple Reason.

You do not want to pick up pieces of a demolished airplane off the ground that you spent many hours building, just because you missed a valuable step. Learn to build RC airplanes with our help. (It’s like having a professional instructor helping you every step of the way throughout the whole building process.) Let’s face it – you want to get into building already, but as soon as you open that box you are going to quickly realize that it really seems overwhelming. OK Starting Right now, you can stop worrying, we are here to help. You will learn to become organized, have your tools ready, have read all the instructions, and gotten all the parts you need. Now take a deep breath, you can do this. You are about to start your first building project armed with the best building guide you could ever want. No more worrying. You now can build it straight, strong and you will be able to do this with every radio control airplane you build. Techniques and Photos of an Actual Beginners Airplane being built.

It’s like having a professional instructor helping you every step of the way throughout the whole building process.

Build faster because everything is detailed and explained for you. In summation….we can help you build and not fear whether or not you will build a catastrophe, or a work of art. All you have to do is start building today.

But Don’t Take our word for it. Here is what Others are saying about our Building System…

How To Make RC Airplanes Testimonials

How To Make RC Airplanes Testimonials

How To Make RC Airplanes Testimonials

You are anxious to start building.

Your kit just arrived in the mail.

You have purchased all the tools that you think you might need.

But wait. Did you take the time to create your building table? You might ask, why is this even important? Why can’t I just build on my mom’s old card table?

Here’s why…

Choosing a place to build your airplane is important too. You don’t want to have to move all your stuff because you decided the dining room wasn’t a perfect place to build.

  • Building on a warped surface is a sure way to build a disaster. There is just no way for you to build an airworthy airplane if you forget this vital step.
  • There are proper work bench materials, AND then there are those that you should NEVER build on.
  • And now you will know the best materials to build on.
  • After your first part is stuck to the table, now is not the time to realize that you should not have built your airplane right on top of the building plans.
  • Avoid this beginner mistake and save yourself from having to buy another set of building plans and replacement parts and a new table.

As a beginner builder you might be overwhelmed… With Our Guide, You Won’t Be!

  • You won’t be overwhelmed with instructions written for the beginner.
  • How many times have you opened an instruction manual only to find it was written for engineers?
  • Worry no more because we are here to help you decipher and build your fist model and gain confidence in your building skills. Plus, they will only get better as you build more models over time.
  • Get through the building project knowing you have the knowledge.
  • Build upon your knowledge with each project and become a master builder in no time.
  • Help others build better models.
  • Get through a building project faster, leaving more time for flying.
  • Instructions should be written in more detail and easier terms for the beginner, and once you understand all that is written in a manual, then it does not matter.

But what do you do about getting there in the first place? Let our years of experience make it happen. If you build it right, you will fly right.

It is never more important than at the beginning of building radio control models to build correctly from the start. If you even make one part mis-aligned, your model may not fly at all. You certainly don’t want to find this out after you have built the entire model.

Correct techniques that you implement from the beginning are the key to success.

Build Straight Models Or don’t build them at all. It really is that simple. Correct Techniques will become second nature to you and make you a better builder of RC airplanes. Period. Trying to build something as difficult as an airplane must be done with accuracy and consistency. Fly the first time out and fly again and again because you know you’re building with the best techniques you could ever use. To sum up…Go ahead and try to build an airplane without any sort of plan. How far will you get before you have confused yourself and are gluing the wrong parts together and now cannot finish the plane? Don’t let this happen to you.

How do I know what supplies to buy? (You can very easily spend $800.00 dollars buying supplies you don’t need. Yup, $800 Bucks… Or even more)

What price are the right tools for the job worth?…

Don’t answer that yet!

…Let’s look at the cost of having the wrong tools for the job

….It Equals Giving Up On This Hobby Before You Even Start. That Cost is Too Much For Anyone!

  • Save Lots of Money only buying what you really need. No more, no less.
  • Become resourceful with your stuff in your building shop.
  • Learn to use what you already have to save even more money. Cheaper alternatives to more expensive items.
  • Learn what they are and save more.
  • Learn early that cheap poorly made tools will cost you double. Once they are broken, you will have to buy another and another, unless you buy the best tool the first time.

You Will Save Money This Way .

  • Why Pay for supplies you don’t need?
  • Why pay for cheap tools?
  • Why spend more on supplies when some are cheaper and even free?
  • We can’t come up with any good reasons to these questions either.

What about those other critical parts that the instruction manual does not help you with? What NOW!!!

  • Learn correct techniques for fuel tank installation. Did you know that if your fuel tank is not installed properly, you could be flying an accident waiting to happen.
  • Save yourself from frustration by knowing Exactly when you should install a tank.
  • You will save money when you don’t have to destroy a part you spent hours building… only now having to remove it because of a missed step.
  • Avoid having your engine cut out in mid-air because you didn’t install that fuel tank correctly. (it happens, don’t ask me how I know ).
  • Oops I glued those two parts together because I didn’t know how to glue them the correct way.

As you can tell there are any number of steps that must be performed. And they must be done in the right order.

But don’t worry… we are here to make it all fall into place.

Here’s What You Will Get With This Comprehensive System…

This in-depth resource gives you an incredible advantage over every beginner builder out there.

  • You get everything I just mentioned above, and a whole lot more in the information ahead.
  • How To Successfully Build Radio Control Aircraft And Build Upon That Knowledge With Future Projects.
  • This comprehensive Building System (Over 200 Pages Worth) is the foundation for all your future building projects.
  • Everything I have just shown you is included AND with great detail.
  • You Get Step By Step, Easy To Follow Instructions. No Detail Is Left Out.
  • You Can Feel Confident Knowing Every Step Is Explained Fully.
  • Large Color Photos Of Each Step (With Their Own Detailed Descriptions Too, So There Is No Confusion On What Step Is Next.
  • Dozens Of Money Saving Tips, Totaling Over $300.00 Dollars In Savings.
  • Free Email Support! My Building Team Members Are Happy To Answer Any Building Question You Might Have. Don’t Guess What To Do Next, Just Ask Us! · And Lots More!

Most of the books that you will find on building RC airplanes are filled with glossy black and white photos and “shameless plugs” for the sponsors of the book (which just happen to be the manufacturers of the products contained within.)

That is not the case here.

I have no sponsors. All that you will get is great insider tips that only an experienced builder of over 30 years would know, and no compromising on the quality of the information. Not only are you shown what to do, but every step is explained from an RC plane builder’s perspective. No need to decipher terminology that only an engineering professor would understand. It is all laid out in easy to follow steps from beginning to end with detailed color pictures. That in itself is an amazing amount of material. But it’s just the beginning of the offer.

I’ve put together the most comprehensive system you could ever hope to see. Nothing has been left out.

You will be able to complete a beautiful flying airplane by the time you have used all the included material. Right Now Such A Comprehensive System Does Not Exist. You can search any website, any bookstore, and you will not find everything you need from one source. It just doesn’t exist!

Normally I would charge $57.00 For So Much Information, But I felt that because this Hobby already requires so much time AND money just to get started, I thought it was only right to offer This Comprehensive System At A Substantial Discount.

So, Join The Thousands of Other RC Airplane Builders, And Get Your Comprehensive Building System Today. …

Right Now, Wouldn’t A Great Deal Be In Order? I Like A Good Deal Just As Much As You!

So That Is Why I Created A Comprehensive RC Building System. You Get Everything You Need From One Purchase.

BUT… You Aren’t Just Getting The Comprehensive RC Building System At This Price. We Are Adding More Value With… 4 Super Bonuses (a $301 Dollar value) — yours to keep, no matter what you decide!